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Travelling by express bus is on the increase

Travel within Sweden continues to grow – people travel to shop, visit restaurants, cultural attractions such as Skansen, Astrid Lindgren World, the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Malmö Arena to name but a few. For an increasing number of travellers, express bus is the obvious choice, the number of passengers is continuously on the rise. To and from the major cities there are plenty of departures to choose from, but even in more rural areas bus travel is a smart and efficient way to get to and from different destinations. It is a cheaper alternative compared to trains and flights, you arrive exactly where you want (bus stations are never shut down) and it is a comfortable way to travel.

Strong consumer groups travel by bus

Strong consumer groups choose bus travel. Capturing their attention already during their trip increases the likelihood that they will visit your business in particular. Express bus travel has become a strong alternative for high income consumers. In the income demographic of households with an income over SEK 700,000 bus travel is increasing. The only income demographic with a decrease in travel is low income households.

4 000 kr per every 24 hours

The part of the Swedish tourist trade which caters to domestic tourists has a turnover of SEK 150bn per year (according to: Svensk Turism AB), employing around 160 000 people annually. The tourist trade plays a mayor role for the development and life force of rural areas, areas in Sweden without significant industrial production, and for the major cities which are attractive destinations.

Tourism consumption is a major part of sales for companies within the tourist industry’s different segments, such as restaurants, hotels, shops, transport companies, entertainment companies and many more. A substantial amount of the people who make up these numbers travel to and from their destinations by bus. For you as an advertiser it might be valuable to know that these travellers and consumers spend on average SEK 4,000 per day.

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